Monday, March 30, 2009

Younger Watch Enthusiast

Being a watch enthusiast myself, I always view luxury watches, like Perrelet, as an investment timepiece. High-end watches should be kept in the family and passed from generation to generation - which brings me back to Basel experience - I saw several young watch enthusiasts.

Seeing younger guests made me really proud because it shows that their fathers/mothers passed the knowledge to them about the labor, mechanics and craftsmanship that goes into a watch, like Perrelet. Even though we're in a tough economy right now, we shouldn't forget about family values like spending time with your family, teaching them the history of items people view only as an accessory and enjoying a trip to Basel :)

Also - in-between my editor meetings at Basel, my PR rep has been keeping me updated of online media hits. One he forwarded me really caught my attention as its from a younger blogger who appears to be a "fashion icon" within the younger blogging community.

Like I said, I've always viewed luxury watches as an investment timepiece, it's nice to see this as both an investment and a fashion accessory. To read the Male-Mode blog post, please click here.

Another article you should read is from Horozima, a great web site that informs readers about watches. They know their watches, as you can see with their recent Perrelet post. Click here to read it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Social Media Works!!

Basel is keeping me occupied while I'm in Switzerland. As I stated before, the crowd was more than I expected and the guests are really loving Perrelet's new collections.

Also - Virginie Perrelet, 10th generation great grand daughter of Perrelet founder, Louis-Abraham Perrelet, has arrived at Basel. She is with me representing this amazing brand and speaking with editors. Her feedback here has been really positive as well.

Virginie says, "
The day went really well and so far the editors love the Turbine all black and the one in titanium.
Also the maestro edition with the alarm timepiece + 5 mn repeater timepiece + music tower created a GREAT buzz! Love it."

We're excited that despite the economy, Perrelet is able to see a positive outlook. In addition, Ben from Hodinkee posted an amazing blurb about Perrelet and our venture into using social media. Looks like my PR Rep's recommendation to use these tools worked. He seem to favor the Perrelet moon phase collection and says Perrelet has generated great buzz at Basel. To read his full review, click here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basel Buzz

Perrelet is here in Switzerland for the Baselworld Jewelry and Watch Fair! Things are exciting and I'm pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Despite the economic recession, several American retailers/buyers attended to support designers and to stock their inventory for the most unique brands and gain a competitive edge in the market place.

The Perrelet Tourbillon collection is really popular among the guests that arrive here. Times like this makes me honored to represent a brand like Perrelet, whose craftsmanship is unmatched by any brand. Tomorrow, Virginie Perrelet will join me at the Perrelet Stand in the Hall of Desires 1.1. To get a glimpse of the "most popular" watch at Basel, see below:

I've met with several people and I hope we're able to get the news about our new collection out to consumers and hope to nurture relationships I make here. To view my Basel "tweets", please visit follow me @WatchPerrelet on Twitter.

Also - please visit Bernard's Watch-Happening blog. I'm a huge fan and he's covering Basel as well. He did an amazing post about Perrelet's Moon Phase collection:

"I really love the blue dial!

New moon, crescent moon or full moon, since the dawn of time, the moon, easily visible to the naked eye, has exercised many natural influences on us and our planet. Thanks to Perrelet’s exclusive calibre, you will be able to know the precise moon phase. Regulated for the next hundred years (if working constantly), the mechanism will indicate the detailed evolution of this companion of our earth." Check out his blog to read the rest of his posting by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perrelet in The News

As I prepare for Switzerland to attend the Baselworld Watch and Jewelery Fair, I wanted to just highlight some recent "conversations" about Perrelet in the blog-o-sphere. Seeing these placements makes me proud to be associated with Perrelet, and I couldn't thank the writers who chose to include Perrelet in their written works makes me feel honored. So before I share the media hits, I just wanted to thank all of them for thinking of Perrelet and would love to highlight all of them, but here are the two most recent:

The web administrator included Perrelet in his pre-Basel articles. To read the full article, click here to see

A great brand advocate to Perrelet, Ariel Adams wrote a fantastic review on the Perrelet Tourbillon Watch. To read the article on, please click here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wonder and Magic of Gemstones

The Perrelet brand is a pioneer of the watch industry - after all Perrelet did invent the first automatic watch that several other brands attempt to mimic. In addition to the automatic mechanism, Perrelet uses several other pieces to make your watch that much more desirable and unique, such as gems and other stones incorporated into the design.

This brings me to the point that this is a blog about the luxury industry, so I wanted to highlight some gemstones the luxury industry uses in its designs for watches, rings, bracelets, etc.

Opal stoneThe opal is an interesting stone that has the attributes of intensification and amplification. Essentially, the opal can help to bring out both the best and worst of one’s own traits. In the area of love, the opal is believed to intensify love and loyalty, magnify desire and passion, and loosen inhibitions. Opal can come in bluish, reddish and pinkish colors, with each color adding its own traits to the stone, such as red’s spontaneity, blue’s communication of emotion, and pink’s tranquility and healing. If you want to give an opal to your loved one, an awareness of the traits each color adds can help you to personalize the stone.

garnetWe now move on to the garnet. The garnet comes in a range of color from reds to greens to yellows, browns and blacks. The garnet itself offers the vitality and energy of the ruby, but also offers compassion, grace, and protection for the traveler. The most common color of garnet is reddish-brown which adds the attributes of pride and command. If you are including the garnet in your list of possible stones for your loved one, it might also help you to know that garnets are supposed to help alleviate discord and anger; this is a trait that any couple might enjoy having around.

rubyRubies are most commonly known to be a deep red, as rubies that are too pink or violet are considered to be sapphires. As such, they are often associated with love and are extremely popular stones during St. Valentine’s Day. The red and the ruby have the given attributes of love, passion, vitality, energy and excitement. If your special someone has a particularly outgoing personality, perhaps a ruby could be the right gift of love. Perrelet even uses rubies in our watches to absorb the heat that some of the mechanisms can generate, giving your watch a longer lifespan.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Retailer Spotlights

Even though I've been extremely busy preparing for Basel in addition to meeting with my PR Agency Representative to learn more about social media, I wanted to spotlight some of Perrelet's retailers. I plan on doing this at least every month where I will have a "Retailers Spotlight" as a thankyou for supporting Perrelet and increase web traffic to their site.

Armstrong Rockwell Watches & Fine Jewelery - At Armstrong Rockwell, they believe, "If there was something better, we would have it!" Armstrong Rockwell Fine Jewelry is proud to be authorized agents for great luxury brands, such as: Audemars Piguet, BlancpaiN, Hublot, Jaquet Droz, and Perrelet. Further, Armstrong is a boutique style store, unlike most independently owned, or chain stores; combining modern technology with old world values. Their staff, as well as the products they carry, represent this balance. Located in downtown Hartford for over twenty-eight years, Armstrong Rockwell offers an extensive collection of some of the finest jewelry and watches available worldwide. In addition, we are proud that they represent us. They even promote us on, which is a great benefit to the brand, so this is one of the reasons why I wanted to "spotlight them".

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Social Media and High-End Luxury

I may be older, but my experience in the luxury watch industry is undeniable, and even I realize the importance of social media.

I know our industry is very hesitant to embrace Myspace, Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks, but after meeting with my PR agency representative I feel very confident to say that with the RIGHT program and RIGHT strategy, social media can be very effective. Though I have been with them for about 1 week, I can already see the results of their work. They got me started on Twitter and I'm addicted! I met great journalists and other watch enthusiasts that will be attending Basel! I can't wait to meet them and show them the new Perrelet Collection in addition to seeing one of my retailers promoting my brand in the Timezone forums.

So as a fellow luxury industry expert, I say as long as the strategy is appropriate, then embrace social media. Hope to see everyone at Basel this year. -- oh yeah, follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

Basel World Trade Show

Welcome to Perrelet North America's official blog. I guess for the first post, I will discuss my participation in the March 26 Basel World Trade Show in Switzerland. Despite the economic recessions, high-end luxury brands like Perrelet need to be seen and not cut marketing and networking opportunities, so Basel does seem like the perfect fit to help further propel Perrelet's branding in the marketplace in addition to using social media tools appropriately.

Each spring, some 2000 companies from the watch, jewelery and precious-stone industries, together with related sectors, showcase their latest developments and innovations in Basel. The world's most renowned brands display their products exclusively at Basel. So it truly is an honor to be participating. My PR agency in NYC has already done a great job at creating buzz in online watch forums and securing interviews with great watch experts at Basel. I'm very honored to meet all of them, including: Professional Watches, WatchUSeek, WatchLuxus Online and many more.

Below are sample images of watches that I'll be showcasing at Basel this year. If you want to see the full collection, contact for
press images or for sales and distribution information.

Regulator with Retrograde Hour Perrelet WatchPerrelet Diamond Flower Watch

Perrelet Double Rotor Watch

Diamond Flower Perrelet Watch