Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wonder and Magic of Gemstones

The Perrelet brand is a pioneer of the watch industry - after all Perrelet did invent the first automatic watch that several other brands attempt to mimic. In addition to the automatic mechanism, Perrelet uses several other pieces to make your watch that much more desirable and unique, such as gems and other stones incorporated into the design.

This brings me to the point that this is a blog about the luxury industry, so I wanted to highlight some gemstones the luxury industry uses in its designs for watches, rings, bracelets, etc.

Opal stoneThe opal is an interesting stone that has the attributes of intensification and amplification. Essentially, the opal can help to bring out both the best and worst of one’s own traits. In the area of love, the opal is believed to intensify love and loyalty, magnify desire and passion, and loosen inhibitions. Opal can come in bluish, reddish and pinkish colors, with each color adding its own traits to the stone, such as red’s spontaneity, blue’s communication of emotion, and pink’s tranquility and healing. If you want to give an opal to your loved one, an awareness of the traits each color adds can help you to personalize the stone.

garnetWe now move on to the garnet. The garnet comes in a range of color from reds to greens to yellows, browns and blacks. The garnet itself offers the vitality and energy of the ruby, but also offers compassion, grace, and protection for the traveler. The most common color of garnet is reddish-brown which adds the attributes of pride and command. If you are including the garnet in your list of possible stones for your loved one, it might also help you to know that garnets are supposed to help alleviate discord and anger; this is a trait that any couple might enjoy having around.

rubyRubies are most commonly known to be a deep red, as rubies that are too pink or violet are considered to be sapphires. As such, they are often associated with love and are extremely popular stones during St. Valentine’s Day. The red and the ruby have the given attributes of love, passion, vitality, energy and excitement. If your special someone has a particularly outgoing personality, perhaps a ruby could be the right gift of love. Perrelet even uses rubies in our watches to absorb the heat that some of the mechanisms can generate, giving your watch a longer lifespan.

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