Friday, July 31, 2009

Retail Spotlight

Perrelet really is an underdog story. We're a small brand that has been around for centuries, but few know about us. However, recently (thanks to social media and PR Team) Perrelet has gained so much recognition and awareness. My current retailer network all have reported positive sales during this economy and several more Perrelet requests from consumers.

This year, I hope retailers that aren't a part of the Perrelet family contact me. I would love to introduce them to a brand worth buying. In the mean time, check out some testimonies below:

Steve, the owner of Exquisite Timepiece in Naples, FL said: "The Perrelet brand is doing very well, especially the Retrograde, Double Rotor, and Titanium products. The prices are fair for the quality they are made from." To see the website, just visit

Another retailer I want to highlight is J. Vincent's Jewelry Store.It's a New Jersey retailer and is a manufacturing facility, retail showroom, and wholesale importer dedicated to satisfying the needs of the fashion jewelry consumer. They, too, had nothing but nice comments to say regarding the brand. Below are photos from the store:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perrelet V.S. The Economy/Retailer Spotlight

The news has been filling our heads with bad news regarding the economy. However, Perrelet has been doing really well in the marketplace. Here's what Anoop from East Coast Jewelry said, "at this particular point in time, Perrelet seems to be a brand gaining respect among watch aficionados for their movements and craftsmanship. Often collectors are jaded by newer brands that don’t have the history of well known brands, but Perrelet seems to surpass this stigma by gaining their respect.”

Hearing these comments makes me feel proud to represent the Perrelet brand. We are on our way to conquer the watch world!

Monday, July 13, 2009

California Dreaming

It's been awhile since I blogged. I'm slowly getting used to it and trying to make time to update at least once a week. But as some of my Twitter followers know, I was in California to make some business happen for Perrelet.

Business continues to improve slowly across the country and the west coast is no exception. The stores report increased traffic and increased sales but certainly not at the levels we have seen over the past years.
Monday I was in San Francisco with one of our authorized dealers SHAPUR. He has a great store on Post St. in the heart of downtown. He sells Perrelet and he is doing well with our timepieces.
Then I went to Carmel-by-the-sea to see our new client, LUSSORI. They have a great store in Carmel which is very busy now as visitors go for the cool weather from all over America. They are one of the best watch retailers in the USA and have already begun to sell Perrelet.
They have sold some watches already and they haven taken many orders for the turbine watch available around October..
On to Los Angeles where we visited with some existing clients in Westwood and Beverly Hills. They are very excited to receive the first shipments of the turbine watches and have many clients who are pilots, both commercial and amateur who want to own the turbine based on the design.
Finally went to Vancouver, British Columbia to visit our new agent, Time & Gold. They have had an incredible start with Perrelet and have sold both men's and ladies watches. The owner is Swiss so he has a particular love for Swiss Timepieces. The 2010 winter Olympics are in Vancouver and we are trying to find a way for me to go there during those two weeks to do a group of trunk shows. You can imagine the possibilities at that time. As always, love your support for Perrelet.