Monday, June 15, 2009

Real Life Turbine Shots

Apparently, people want to see the Perrelet Turbine Watch on a wrist. was even flooded with replies of Turbine admirers who wanted to see a "non professional" shot of the watch. Well, Ariel from ABlogtoRead was kindly enough to post photos of the Turbine watch on his wrist.

To see the Turbine photos on a wrist, you can view them below (or visit Ariel's blog):

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my highlights was having the opportunity to meet Ariel. He was very knowledgeable and asked me questions no other journalist asked me. I could tell he is a true watch enthusiast and blog for the love of the timepiece. I'm glad he is on our side to help promote Perrelet to other consumers.

I know I've been blogging less because I've been busy, but I love tweeting with you. Feel free to comment or follow me on twitter.

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