Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perpetuelle Interview

A few weeks ago, I was honored with a request for an interview with Kyle from Perpetuelle.com about my experience at the Baselworld Fair Show that occured earlier this year. The interview went well and he asked very interesting questions that I didn't think he would ask.

I'm slowly learning (with push from my PR Agency) that bloggers and online writers are very similiar to traditional journalist in regards to their work ethic and the fact they want to see great content in their publications (whether online or print).

Anyways, below is a snippet from the interview or you can click here to read the entire interview:

As part of our "Post-Baselworld Interview Series", Perpetuelle.com recently conducted an interview with Mr. Michael Goldstein, Managing Director of Perrelet USA.  We are pleased to share this interview with you below in which Mr. Goldstein was kind enough to share his insights into Baselworld 2009, some of the new and highly acclaimed new Perrelet collections, online media and more.

Perpetuelle:  How was BASELWORLD 2009 different for Perrelet compared to prior years?

Mr. Goldstein:  The main difference was the decrease of Americans traveling to the fair. In addition, this was our first year in a different booth location, Hall 1.1, and in a much larger space to present the collection. Despite the decrease in traffic, we were happy to see the commitment to buy product by the existing clients.

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  1. Very good interview by perpetuelle.com and great answers by Mr. Goldstein. I look forward to viewing the Perrelet Turbine watch!